Our well-equipped surgeries in Exmouth and Budleigh Salterton

Our practice facilities include:

  • Digital radiography machine which provides instant X-ray images
  • Mylab 30 ultrasound machine
  • Our own internal lab for instant results on some tests PLUS daily week-day collection of samples from a larger lab where further tests can be run
  • Dedicated theatre space with height adjustable, heated table with elevating sides to ensure ultimate comfort and positioning for your pet during surgery
  • Extensive anaesthetic and monitoring equipment
  • Spacious prep room with height adjustable table so pets can be moved easily
  • Separate cat and dog cattery and kennelling areas as well as space for smaller mammals
  • Extra-large walk-in dog kennel so we can safely house large breed dogs and we can access immobile patients
  • Quiet clippers for anxious patients
  • Ultra-hygiene friendly, wipe down pet spaces, walls and floors
  • Comfy bedding and blankets
  • Appropriate, high quality food for in-patients and water offered in a variety of bowls (and bottles for the smaller species) to see what they like best
  • A practice ethos for using calm and gentle patient-handling techniques
  • Calming aids such as pheromone diffusers to help keep our patients relaxed

We are fortunate that, if there are cases that are more unusual or require specialist attention, we can refer to some local referral centres. We can also refer cases for complimentary therapies such as physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. We recognise the need to use other service providers to help you give your pet the best and most appropriate treatment and we work closely with many of these practitioners in our area.

We genuinely try to consider your pet’s needs and cater for them as best we can – every patient is different. We know it can be scary being away from home so we do what we can to make sure your pet is happy to come and visit us. It’s another good reason to consider our Pet Health Club scheme which encourages you to come in for regular check-ups when your pet is healthy so they can get used to us and enjoy their visits as much as possible.

We know trusting the care of your pet to someone else can be difficult, but with the little extras we hope we make that easier for you. If you have any enquiries at all regarding our services or facilities please do get in touch.

If you are unable to get your pet to practice we will collect your pet in our practice van. This service is free of charge for Senior Citizens. This service is also available for food and medicines.

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