5 Reasons to Walk Your Dog…

  1. Exercise for your dog

Exercise burns calories and helps prevent your dog from becoming overweight.  Being overweight contributes to other health problems and shortens your dog’s life expectancy.

  1. Exercise for you

A good dog walk is a relatively low-impact way of getting cardiovascular exercise and has been shown to improve your health, lower your blood pressure and release feel-good hormones to help improve your mood. 

  1. For your dog to go to the toilet

Dogs can get stressed if they are house trained but don’t get frequent opportunities to wee and poo – a regular walk routine can help. Don’t forget to pick up their poop!

  1. For your dog to socialise

Most dogs are naturally sociable – and the earlier you introduce your dog to walks (once vaccinated), the more likely they are to enjoy the company of other dogs and people. 

When we talk about ‘socialisation’ in dogs we don’t just mean meeting people and dogs.  Well-socialised dogs cope better with traffic noise, people who appear differently like workers in high-vis, busy streets, livestock in fields, unexpected bangs and crashes, and a whole host of other things.

Dogs also need enrichment to keep their minds happy – even dogs that can’t walk far enjoy a change of environment, a sniff about and some fresh air. 

  1. For you to socialise

Dog walkers are a friendly bunch – and you definitely have one thing in common if you’re both enjoying the company of a canine - plus, your dog is an instant talking point! In the modern world of working from home and limited social opportunity, a chat with a fellow dog lover in the fresh, open air can be just the ticket.