Dental awareness Jan and Feb

This month and next we are offering free-of-charge dental check-ups with our vets and a 20% discount on all dental treatment. Dental disease is one of the most common problems we encounter in our practice and it’s one of the most likely conditions to have a serious and long-term effect on a pet’s welfare. 

What’s important is that it’s almost entirely preventable!

Our pets’ teeth need care; just like ours.  For cats and dogs, the care required is like that of humans. Over time food sticks to the surface of teeth and forms plaque. Plaque can be removed in a variety of ways - by far the most effective is frequent brushing. Dogs and cats can be trained to enjoy having their teeth brushed and this can be a very useful part of keeping their teeth healthy. If not removed; plaque hardens to form tartar.  Tartar builds-up over time; sits against the gums and causes pain, inflammation and infection. 

Pets rarely show obvious signs of pain when affected by dental disease and a lot of pet owners don’t even know the disease is present in their pets’ mouths. 

Rabbits and guinea pigs are a little different; their teeth grow throughout their lives. The main cause of dental problems in these species is excessive growth due to a poor diet. They wear-down teeth by chewing hard, fibrous foods such as grass and hay. If they don’t get enough fibrous food in their diet, their teeth can overgrow and prevent the correct movement of their jaw, making it difficult for them to eat.  Overgrown teeth can have sharp edges that cause painful injuries to their cheeks. 

In our practice we treat a lot of pets that have dental disease. Sometimes the disease is quite advanced, and the patient may need to have extensive work to get rid of the causes of pain. Whilst pet’s usually recover remarkably well from dental work it is always better if we can avoid the disease getting to this point. 

Our goal is to help diagnose dental problems in the early stages; where tarter is not yet causing severe disease; and treat it then. Even better, we would like to speak to you, the owner, while your pet’s mouth is still healthy.

We would like to see you for a check-up with your pet. We can use this opportunity to talk to you about preventative dental care, such as brushing technique, which oral gels to use and dietary advice for your bunnies and guineas.  We can examine your pet’s teeth for any sign of problems and explain to you any treatment we’re recommending – which, don’t forget, will be at a 20% discount while the offer is on. 

Please come in and take advantage of our free dental check-ups during January and February and let us help you keep your pet’s mouth smiling.