Winter Newsletter 2015
Welcome to the Corner House Vets Winter Newsletter, can you believe that the clocks have gone back already? Where has this year gone?!

Remember Remember the 5th of November!
Bonfire night is just around the corner…
• Five DO’s and DON’Ts for the firework season
• Do provide safe, secure places for your pet to ‘hide’ from the noise.
• Do take your dog out for walks in daylight whenever possible.
• Don’t respond to fearful behaviours, such as whining or trembling.
• Do offer distractions such as new toys or chews, plus music and TV/radio.
• Do try synthetic comfort pheromone aids e.g. Adaptil, Feliway or Zylkene.
• And DO ask us for more details and advice on 01395-277775

Although we are applying this advice to Bonfire night, this time of year in general can be stressful for pets. Visiting relatives, preparing the home for Christmas and all the other seasonal festivities that we all look forward to can all be triggers for your furry friends.

Welcome back Rosanne
This coming January, Rosanne one of our Vets will be returning to the practice after her maternity leave, we are sure you will all join us in wishing her well on her return.

Winter Hazards
Some hazards are particularly common during the winter months – a few things to be aware of are:

– Antifreeze contains a chemical called ethylene glycol – which is very toxic when ingested by pets or humans. Unfortunately, it is very palatable to pets so it is vital to keep it stored well out of reach. The initial symptoms include unsteadiness, depression and vomiting. If you suspect your pet has ingested Antifreeze contact your vet immediately.
– Winter plants such as Poinsetta, Holly and Mistletoe are to be avoided, as are all wild mushrooms and toadstools.
– Please be vigilant during the festive period – items such as tree decorations, ribbons, cracker innards and small toys all too commonly are ingested by cats and dogs, resulting in a trip to the vet and potentially an operation to remove the foreign body from the stomach or intestines. Keep an eye on your pets and if in doubt (or you have a Labrador!) – put it out of reach.

Wildlife help in Winter

• Most garden wildlife hibernates over winter, as food is in short supply and freezing temperatures can make life difficult, here are some tips for helping your local wildlife this winter.
• Check bonfires before they are lit for sheltering and hibernating animals, such as hedgehogs, toads and frogs
• During a freeze, allow wildlife to exit and enter the water by filling a saucepan with hot water, sit the pan on the ice until a hole has been melted. Do not hit or crack ice as this sends shockwaves through the water.
• Leave herbaceous and hollow-stemmed plants unpruned until early spring. These help to provide shelter for insects over the cold months.
• Create your own fat blocks for birds by melting suet into moulds such as coconut shells or logs with holes drilled in.

Winter Savings On Pet Foods
Many of us like to get in shape for the festive season, if you think your furry friends could do with a little help getting trim this year then give us a call – book a free weight clinic with one of our nurses during November or December and we’ll give you 10% off of the Hill’s Metabolic range of food and treats.

Bad day for Billy!
We try to give a mention to any pets that have caught our attention in our newsletter, and this week Billy the Labrador certainly did that! Billy is a typical fun loving Labrador who on a walk a few days ago decided to bring home a couple of momentoes – he ate three big stones! Because (as the x-rays show) the stones became lodged in his stomach he had to undergo a major operation called a gastrotomy to remove them. All went well and Billy is now recovering well at home – we think he’ll leave the stones in the river next time!