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Looking after your bird

Types Budgerigars These are friendly birds which, with patience and gentle handling are relatively easy to tame and look after. Budgies can live for up to 10 years and are an excellent choice for a ‘first bird’ pet. Canary The Learn more

Looking after your cat or kitten

Looking After Your Kitten/Cat The kitten is here! You have just adopted a kitten, and are looking forward to many years of shared tenderness, providing it with everything it needs. Perhaps you are already well aware, or perhaps you only Learn more

Looking after your dog

Looking After Your Puppy/Dog It is always a great event when a puppy arrives in its host family. After often several weeks of waiting, the newcomer is the centre of care and attention. But, if these good relations are to Learn more

About Exotic pets

Probably more than for any other pet, before you buy an exotic animal, you should do a lot of preparation. Begin by finding out as much as you can about the animal – read books, talk to other owners. Whilst Learn more

About Ferrets

It is not too far in the past that “ferreting” was a popular country occupation. In rabbit infested areas the use of nets and working ferrets gave the younger generation hours of harmless fun and often a tasty meal for Learn more

About fish

Aquarium owners often talk of spending hours on end being mesmerised by their pet fish. Certainly, keeping fish as pets can be fascinating and aquariums can add an interesting centre-piece to your room. Types Of Aquarium Fish There are three Learn more

About Guinea Pig

The Guinea pig is a sociable and companionable animal and relish attention. It is a very vocal animal with several different sounds. They should be kept indoors with a secure cage. The cage should be kept clean and change its Learn more

About Gerbils

Gerbils are intelligent, sociable animals that are best kept in pairs. They should be handled daily and they will be affectionate to you, make sure you wash your hand before handling them to avoid passing germs to them, also keep Learn more

About Chinchillas

Chinchillas are squirrel like rodents, available in 2 varieties. They are clean animals with no body odour, their thick coat means that they do not get parasites like fleas and ticks. They should be kept in a wire cage away Learn more